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PMAX Shipping is an international freight service provider headquartered in Halifax, Canada.  We provide land transportation, ocean and air freight services, logistics and more from North America, Australia, and Europe to Africa and over 200 other countries.

At PMAX Shipping, we take care of your shipment with the sole aim of safe and efficient delivery of your shipment at affordable rates. We have the capability to transport to port any of your oversized cargo, trucks or cars that cannot go into a container through our RORO (ROLL ON ROLL OFF) logistic services.

Our mission is to use professionals to provide high quality, efficient shipping and logistics services at affordable costs. To achieve this we aim to provide you with shipping quotes within 24 hours, with no hidden shipping cost, taking care of everything using experienced professionals.

Get rate quotes on air freight using our easy to use rate request form and save time. Planning your next shipment, PMAX Shipping is always there to take care of your shipping needs.

Lest we forgot.. We are never too busy for any of your referrals

 Specialized Customer Services

Innovative Operating Technology

We pride ourself in using innovative technologies to provide 24hour online services, thereby ensuring that your shipment are delievered on time. When you ship with PMAX, you have realtime access to your shipment from anywhere in the world. Call one of our professionals to get started.

Expert Project Management

At PMAX Shipping our services are geared towards ensuring safe and prompt delivery of your shipment. Once we undertook your project, you are assured of excellent project management using the best of industry professionals. It is our promise that your project will be completed on time.

Shipping Services

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Shipping Quotes within 24 hours

Client requests for shipping rate by filling our free rate request form.

No Hidden
Shipping Costs

PMAX delivers to client shipping rates within 24hours with no hidden shipping cost.

We Take Care of Everything

Once client accepts our shipping rates, and completes the booking form, PMAX send booking confirmation to client with instructions on the nearest port to drop the shipment. If the client requires trucking or pick up, PMAX will take care of the arrangement.


PMAX uses experienced professionals to ensure fast and safe delivery of your shipment at affordable cost.